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Goats are ruminants, animals with digestive system comprising of a four-compartment stomach, as are cattle, sheep and deer. The compartments are the reticulum, rumen, omasum and abomasum or true stomach. The reticulum and rumen form a large fermentation vat that can breakdown and digest feedstuffs, including the fibrous component of grass and straw that cannot be digested by monogastric animals. The breakdown products produced from these fiber sources can supply a large part of the energy needs for ruminant.

Based on the sound understanding of ruminant digestion, Soon Soon Meat Goat feed is formulated scientifically to provide the optimum nutrition to promote the growth and enhance the goat’s health and livability.

Soon Soon Soybean hull can be recommended in goat feeding for the prevention of all metabolic disorders in goat and sheep while providing highly digestible fiber and protein.

Both products can be supplemented while there is lack of pasture or green.