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The use of High Efficiency Dehulled Soybean Meal improve the growth rate, reduce the feed conversion ratio, enhance the animal health and livability when compared to other soybean meal.

High Efficiency Dehulled Full Fat Soybean Meal can replace or partially replace the fish meal and the fish oil while improving growth performance and reduce feed conversion ratio.
High Efficiency Canola Meal and High Efficiency Golden Canola Meal are complementary to soybean meal for a more complete amino acids profile  for aquaculture feed production.

Dehulled Pre-emulsified Full Fat Lupin Meal is recommended for aquaculture feed for its higher digestibility of nutrients and lowest antigenicity among all the other lupin meals.

High Efficiency Defatted Toasted SoyFlour is specially produced for aquaculture feeds. This product has high protein dispersibility index when compared to other similar products for better digestibility and has low trypsin inhibitors activity for aquaculture which are less ability to tolerate the antigenicity of trypsin.