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High Efficiency Dehulled Soybean Meal is higher in energy and available amino acids than all the other soybean meal to improve feed conversion ratio and growth rate.

Soon Soon Oilmills Sdn Bhd produces High Efficiency Dehulled Full Fat Soybean Meal which can enhance fat utilization, especially in the starter piglet for growth and in sow for increasing milk yield and piglet survival.

High Efficiency Soybean Meal and Hipro 46 are recommended for pig feed. These two products are higher in fibre and medium in protein, contain similar swine metabolisable energy but at lower cost than dehulled soybean meal.

High Efficiency Canola Meal and High Efficiency Golden Canola Meal can be used as partial substitutions or as complements to soybean meal for better amino acids profile.

Dehulled Pre-Emulsified Lupin Meal is low antigenicity in nature and can be included in swine feed at higher level compared to all the other lupin meals. This product supplies the swine feed with extra energy in the form of readily absorbed fat. These features are highly beneficial to the swine, especially to the starter piglet.

High Efficiency Defatted Toasted SoyFlour is specially produced for piglet feeds. This product has high protein dispersibility index when compared to other similar products for better digestibility of piglets with gut not yet well developed. This product has tremendously low trypsin inhibitors activity for piglets which are less ability to tolerate the antigenicity of trypsin.

Fine Corn Meal is especially suitable for feeding to young pig due to its easily digestible high quality nutrients and its low toxins level. Lactating pigs and breeders can also benefits from this superior product.

Full Fat Corn Germ is an excellent feed stuff for pigs especially sow due to its high energy (ME(pig)> 3600kcal/kg) and high in essential amino acids with moderate fibre (7%).