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High Efficiency Dehulled Soybean Meal is recommended in broiler feed for its higher energy level and higher available amino acids among all the other soybean meals. This product has proven to improve the broiler performance, in term of body weight gain and feed conversion ratio in many research and farm trials.

High Efficiency Dehulled Full Fat Soybean Meal is recommended for its better nutrient utilization, especially fat digestibility in broiler. This product is proven to improve growth rate and feed conversion in many research trials. In many farm trials, it was showed to reduce mortality of broiler under cold stress and heat stress.

High Efficiency Canola Meal and High Efficiency Golden Canola Meal are both recommended as partial substitutions or as complements to the soybean meal for a more ideal amino acids profile and thus better performance in broiler. Both of the products are economical to be used for cost saving in feed formulation.

Dehulled Pre-Emulsified Full Fat Lupin Meal, is an alternative source of protein and energy with low antigenicity in inherent characteristics. This products can be included in higher level in all stages of the poultry production’s life cycle when compared to all the other lupin meals. This product supplies the broiler feed with an extra energy in the form of readily absorbed fat. Both features are highly beneficial to the broiler, especially during the broiler starter stage.