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High Efficiency Golden Canola Meal

Canola meal is an alternative vegetable protein source in livestock diets. It is well known in its high protein content and balance amino acids profile. It is also an excellent energy source in animal feeds. Soon Soon High Efficiency Golden Canola meal is produced from a special variety of canola seed with yellow hulls which contains higher protein and has low levels of glucosinolate and erucic acid like normal canola.

Soon Soon High Efficiency Golden Canola Meal is produced using a special processing method. Its protein / amino acids is highly available while its antinutritional factors such as glucosinolate is reduced to minimal. It also has a higher metabolizable energy (AME) and digestable amino acids which is proven in growth trials (Publications and Presentations). This product can be used up 15% in poultry and 10% pig rations without any negative impact.